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                                                                               siRNA Products (1)

  Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is a short double strand RNA, which hybridizes to the target RNA and directs target degradation by enzymatic cleavage. Vicgene provides siRNA products targeting hundreds of different genes.  They are supplied in linearized DNA forms with antibiotics selection marker to facilitate establishing stable transfected cell lines in very short time.  The constructs also contain special DNA sequences to enhance the integration of the entire constructs into host cell chromosomes in high frequency.  To quantitatively assay gene silence efficiency, Vicgene also provides Gene Expression Quantitative Kits to the corresponding siRNA products.

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Product Name

siRNA Cat #  mRNA Detection Kit Cat #  GeneBank Accession #
a Enolase va-2001 va-2001 TM M14328
A-Raf va-2002 va-2002 TM NM001654
AChE va-2003 va-2003 TM M55040
Act 1 va-2004 va-2004 TM NM147200
Agrin va-2005 va-2005 TM NM147200
AKAP 79 va-2006 va-2006 TM M90359
Akt 1 va-2007 va-2007 TM NM005163
Akt2 va-2008 va-2008 TM NM001626
Aldolase A va-2009 va-2009 TM NM000034
Annexin IV va-2010 va-2010 TM NM001153
Annexin V va-2011 va-2011 TM NM00154
Annexin VI va-2012 va-2012 TM NM00115
AP-2a va-2013 va-2013 TM NM29200
APC 4 va-2014 va-2014 TM NM013367
AQP 1 va-2015 va-2015 TM M77829
AQP4 va-2016 va-2016 TM U63622
ATF-2 va-2017 va-2017 TM NM001880
Axl va-2018 va-2018 TM NM001880
b-2 Microglobulin va-2019 va-2019 TM NM004048
BAF 155 va-2020 va-2020 TM U66615
BAF 170 va-2021 va-2021 TM U66616
Bax va-2022 va-2022 TM NM004324
Bcl-xs/l va-2023 va-2023 TM NM001191
Bcl10 va-2024 va-2024 TM AF105066
BCR va-2025 va-2025 TM NM004327
BECN 1 va-2026 va-2026 TM NM003766
Bim va-2027 va-2027 TM NM138021
Bmi-1 va-2028 va-2028 TM L13689
BRCA1 va-2029 va-2029 TM NM007294
Brg-1 va-2030 va-2030 TM NM003072
Brm va-2031 va-2031 TM NM139045

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