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Custom DNA Vector Based siRNA Services

siRNA (RNA interference) becomes a power tool for studying gene functions or target validation.  Using DNA vector based siRNA approach, a small DNA sequence encoding a short hairpin RNA targeting the gene of interest is cloned into our PsiRNA vector. The insert-containing vector can be transfected into the cells, and subsequently expresses the short hairpin RNA. DICER processes the short hairpin into ~22 nt double-stranded duplexes, which hybridizes to the target RNA and directs target degradation by enzymatic cleavage.  Vicgene’s custom siRNA service includes

·          Customers provide us the sequence of the designed siRNA.

·          Synthesis of the siRNA insert oligonucleotides

·          Cloning of the annealed oligonucleotides in PsiRNA vector

·          Sequencing of the siRNA insert

·          The final plasmid will be delivered with the sequence data

·          The price is $425/target

The constructs also contain special DNA sequences to enhance the integration of the entire constructs into host cell chromosomes in  high frequency.  To quantitatively assay gene silece efficiency, Vicgene also provides mRNA detection kit to the corresponding siRNA products